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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

AfreeMonex is a Delaware company headquarted in  Santa Barbara., California.  We provide Valuation, Merger & Acquisition, Risk Management, Fundraising and Scaling Solutions to both fintech startups and investors through a web based platform

We are the Gateway to investing in the financial technology market in Africa and Emerging Markets

Thus, our mission is to bring greater financial freedom and inclusion, choice, independence, and opportunity to individuals in US and around the world.


Our core competency

While there are legacy law, accounting firms and others that engage in the valuation and risk management business, there are very few that are key players of the tech and fintech  startup ecosystem itself in US, Africa and surrounding Emerging Markets.  AfreeMonex CEO and some board member’s seats on the board of major Emerging Markets  Fintech organizations like Africa Fintech Forum and Africa Fintech Network. This exposure gives our company a great advantage in penetrating the fintech startup market worldwide.  As a former CEO of Capitaux Reunis SARL, a venture capitalist firm specialized in startups capitalization in Africa and as banking and tech professionals in US, AfreeMonex' team members better understand and assess the needs of a fast- growing financial technology industry.

The Team consists of experienced IT and finance professionals who are taking hands on technical and management roles in the company. 

Our Clients

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