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Startups and Firms Valuation

The Fintech startup’s valuation is a key element of the decision to invest. Along with the amount of money invested, it determines the percentage of the company the new investors will own. This is one of the most crucial components of the term sheet, because it has the most direct impact on who owns what and how much cash each shareholder receives when the company sells.

While it is expressed in terms of Pre-money and Post-money values, our expertise is to build a strong and accurate valuation assessment which takes in account the industry’s benchmarks.

Sartups and Firms Mergers & Acquisitions

AfreeMonex believe that financial services are being transformed by technology changes that are making it possible for firms to gain more and own less. 

Therefore we provide in this new economy environment a safe and profitable approach to M&A  strategies, procedures and compliance in US and in Africa.

We help investors and startups future-proof their M&A strategy to orchestrate ecosystems for value and build new M&A capabilities in order to execute more complicated partnerships and investments

We advise investors and entrepreneurs in US and in Africa, on strategy and M&A throughout the deal cycle. From due diligence to integration we service tech and fintech startups built on business models and technological platforms that are unfamiliar to most private and legacy institutional investors. As such they present a complexity that merits investment in an appropriate due-diligence, a sound KYC, strong risk and regulatory compliance assessments.

Financial Spreading 2.0

Our financial spreading platform helps you deliver trustworthy financial data and analysis with speed, accuracy and standardization.

We use pixel-by-pixel character and page recognition from any document, plus supplement historical data with forward- looking insight to enhance your decision-making power.


Our demonstrated knowledge and commitment to compliance provide companies aiming at substantial business opportunities in Africa and in the Middle East with a growing competitive advantage by helping them with understanding and managing the risks associated with investing in those Emerging Markets.

We build legal frames that protect both investors and entrepreneurs from reckless business and illegal activities.

Laptop and Notebook

Startups Valuation... our Expertise!

If you are trying to raise capital for your startup company, or you're thinking of putting money into one, it's important to determine the company's worth, but how does one value a brand new company?

Startups are notoriously hard to value accurately since they do not yet have operating income or perhaps even a salable product yet, and will be spending money to get things going.

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